All Contact Lost is a Sci-Fi survival FPS where you are put in charge of building an outpost on the moon. Backed by a team of four, you must build powerful defences, strategise your team and fight to endure the horror below the surface known as the Acari.

  All Contact Lost Expedition Multiplayer Map  

Created to take over from NATO as a faster, deadlier and more decisive measure of security, the International Space Defence (INSD) would become the future protector of nations, untouchable from an orbital safe haven and capable of travelling across the world in minutes. Countries that wanted protection, had to pay a 'subscription' fee which initially helped the organization construct its' first freighters which also acted as an orbital troop barracks.

Soon companies like Kore Armour Systems began looking to the stars, with this came the first ever spacecraft built for Single Stage To Orbit travel (SSTO), Kore named it the Goliath. The INSD learnt they could use these to ferry paying corporations to their orbital freighter 'Rachis' and begin the industrialization of the moon, increasing profits even further.

From the pioneering efforts of a massive crew of scientists, they began work on an experimental colonization tool, a way to make renewable materials even in the most hostile of environments, they called it the Atomic Reconfiguration and Constructor, otherwise known as ARC, highly strung together, this machine displays the ability to shred the atomic structure and rearrange them to create a different element altogether. Drawbacks include gargantuan energy consumption and a requirement for dense ores to perform effectively. With these three advancements, the colonization of the moon has begun. Rachis is being used as a passenger barge, carrying several ARC machines, a few Goliaths and as many people as possible per transit. Charging as much as they’d like, the INSD is turning a massive profit and is now set on making brand new projects for the future.

Among the hundreds of corporations set on lunar settlements, several conglomerates involved in weapon manufacturing are only content with utter domination. Unable to contend with this level of conflict, the moon was evacuated almost as soon as it was populated, leaving these five factions to clash and destroy each other until there is only a single victor.

  All Contact Lost Tier 5 'Survivor' power suit and 'Eradicator' rail gun  

After some weeks, evidence of an impossible life form named ‘Acari’ have gained traction, questions to how they survive and why their aggression levels are so extreme are pressing. The INSD have promised to send a research team on the very next voyage to investigate these abnormal creatures.

  All Contact lost dropship  

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About the game

The News

The moon is now a financially feasible place to travel to, several conglomerates have staked out plots of land and encroachment has caused major conflicts, reports of a large and deadly organism living on and underneath the lunar surface have been confirmed and named the ‘Acari’.

The Objective

You and up to four other mercenaries will be dropped off to build an outpost into a military facility, the Acari have proven very territorial and will defend their habitats no matter the cost. A dropship will arrive as often as possible to drop new supplies for you and your team to delegate upgrades, make sure your overall strategy is sound otherwise you may find yourself lacking the proper means to defend an assault.

The Rewards

As you fight for your company, you will be promoted and given camouflages to diverge yourself from the grunts.

The Features

- Swarm, our first game mode will have you fighting against waves of enemies, on your own or with up to four other players. Upgrades will arrive every five rounds but requires a vote from the team to decide what you get, enemies will become bigger and stronger over time and will force you to adapt your strategy or become overrun.

- Upgradable; weapons, armours, turrets and fortifications will have you choosing between an automated base defence or relying on your own skill.

- Level progression will have you promoted through 50 ranks with camouflage rewards at every fifth rank.

- Three maps will allow you to choose your preferred landing site; Crater, Valley and Lair.



OS: Windows 7

Processor: i7-6700

Graphics: GTX 745

DirectX: Version 10

Storage: 2 GB available space

Sound Card: Nvidia high definition audio