About us

1st Impact games started with short stories and a simple point and click game using nothing more than Microsoft Powerpoint. Currently we are working with the Unreal engine which provides an ever expanding opportunity to go beyond the previous barriers and see what is possible. We are proud to work with a number of outsourced creatives and welcome feedback which we, where possible, actively look to form our direction.

Right from the start to whatever the future might hold, 1st Impact Games is and always will be about our universe, and as such, every single one of our games are linked to each other in the same timeline, meaning Game 1# will have a connection to Game 100#.

Our dedicated team is presently working on 'All Contact Lost' which is the result of an ambition to bring a decades' worth of story writing and imagination to life. We invite you to come join us as we start our epic journey to create and mold our own virtual universe.